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Things I learnt this week

I am succumbing to routine in my blog!  I normally just like to free form with blog subjects, but in an effort to self-discipline here is my inaugural weekly blog subject, to happen every Friday morning.  Actually its just for me this post, to remind me about the lessons I learnt during the week and to not forget them and therefore not repeat if they are bad, or to repeat them if they are good.

Things I learnt this week
  1. If you leave the dog poo on the bathroom floor where the little old girl had an accident and think you will clean that up later, then not only will you have to clean up that little mess, but you will also need to clean the rest of the floors where someone trod in said poo and walked it all over the house.  I think my grandma would call that 'A stitch in time saves nine'  I call it 'Pick up dog poo before you need to wash the entire freakin floor'
  2. Thinking about going on a diet, and actually doing it, are poles apart.  Just thinking away calories doesn't work.  In fact, it makes you want to eat more - the more I thought about it the more cakes I ate.  I am giving up thinking about it and seeing if that makes me eat less.
  3. Taking a full Xanax due to an anxiety attack makes me sleep a whole 12 hours non-stop.  Wish I could say I felt better for a full nights sleep, but I can't - speak that is.  I feel like my brain was replaced with a bit wad of cotton wool.  Maybe it was, done by aliens - I sure as hell had some freaky dreams.
  4. Opening a block of cooking chocolate that you found hunted down in the pantry, and telling yourself that you will 'take just one piece' is a blatant lie.
  5. The beautiful smell of my jasmine out in full flower still can not overpower the smell of the neighbours recent application of dynamic lifter.  Why do bad smells always overpower good ones?  Why doesn't the comic book universe apply to gardening?
What things did you learn this week?

For a funny look at lesson #1 ... check this out

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