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By God's Grace

Have you even tried to complete a puzzle when you don't even know what the finished product will look like?

Poinciana trees

No matter which way you look at it, the picture isn't clear.

Yet as you work with the piece which is in your hands, making the next step, the pieces begin to come together.

Sections here and there make sense......

 However the distance is still a mystery.

My 85 year old father-in-love has been cared for at home in a wheel chair for five long years. My mother-in-love and community nurses have assisted him every day until he now requires mechanical lifters and care beyond which can be provided at home. The search for suitable care has been long and difficult and no vacancies exist, yet by God's grace all is coming together in ways we could not have dared hope for.

It appears as though God has been walking with us and ahead of us through this stressful time in ways we don't deserve and don't yet fully understand. The puzzle is far from complete but we now sense it will all be ok. My father-in-love will move from hospital into temporary care in our preferred aged care centre on Christmas Eve. It has been a rather busy week. We continue to work with the next piece......

UPDATE: On Christmas Eve I was able to welcome my father-in-love into his new home, a wonderful aged care centre in our town. Each room has just one bed and it's own ensuite. He was very pleased to leave hospital and settle peacefully into his own permanent room. God has been very good to us.

* The trees in the avenue featured above are a type of small leafed fig tree, most likely around 80 years old. Photos were taken early one misty morning a few weeks ago.

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