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My new Toy - A MS Surface

I am no geek, but I do like neat toys.  Except this is really not a toy.  I will actually be able to work on this little device.  So much better than the iThings. 

So far, I like it.  Its like a tablet/iPad but also like a laptop.  The OneNote is great, I can sync with my PC at both home and the office.  I can see this will be great for writing, keeping tabs on projects, being organised.

Lots to learn still, the only drawback at the moment, is that there are very few apps developed for it yet.  But that will come as they become more popular. 

I got a red one as it goes faster.  The cover is actually a keyboard.  Now this is kewl.

Very thin, and light, yet powerful enough for me to remote into work and run all my applications on the move.

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