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New Year Blessings

Red-Backed fairy Wren - A tiny Australian bird.

May you sing your song with all your heart,

May you notice the colours of life anew and be refreshed as you serve others.

May you take opportunities and pursue your passions,

May you take time for creative endeavours and find friends to join you on your journey,

 May you dance in the rain, play golf on the sand flats and enjoy some crazy fun,

And when you feel like the tide has gone out, may you find God's presence and grace to be more than sufficient to keep you safe and loved at all times.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2013, rich with untold possibilities and filled with the grace to handle the challenges which help us grow. Happy New Year!

* All photos taken yesterday, while on our mini holiday. We'll have no internet access come midnight until we reach home in a few days.......looking forward to catching up again then.

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