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Self-Seeded Morning Beauties

"Good Morning!" says the little grasshopper, peaking from the zinnia petals. "Welcome to today!"

The Tom Thumb Tomato flowers delicately hang in the morning light.

 A Paper/Everlasting Daisy greets the summer sun and begins it's daily ritual of opening and closing.

A deeper coloured Paper Daisy bud, also ready to open.

By midday you can see the same bud and the flower behind soaking up the hot sunshine.

Each of these photos were taken this morning and each of these plants is self-seeded. Some I have transplanted to keep the garden a little more organised. I love having bonus or self-seeded plants. You may remember the delights I shared of my first zinnia patch last summer. This year the delights remain and also the surprises as the seedlings pop up here and there through the garden.

I hope you have some lovely surprises in your day today also!

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