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Together At Last

Excitement, nervousness, a few tears and a tinge of sadness surrounded us as the twins boarded a plane almost two weeks ago. This was an airport we hadn't been to before, they were flying alone to be met by someone they didn't know.

Bracelets brought from India for Miss E (4)

It was also the day BEFORE Miss E(20) and my husband's return from India. They were sad about missing the much anticipated homecoming. But they had been given an opportunity not to be missed.

Their next 10 days were filled with training sessions, many interstate games, much fun and satisfying success. There was also a special date - their 15th birthdays - away from home!

In the very early hours of yesterday they arrived home. Their presence and birthdays were celebrated with hugs, tickles, love and gifts.

Yesterday they made their own ice cream cake for their belated birthday and choc-dipped some waffle cones for the serving. It sure is wonderful to have all ten of us together again at last.

Now we can begin to think of Christmas.

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