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An Exciting Stage

So what was my last post about? The photo was a pile of cut threads and frayed threads from this above. Now if you look below.....

....you will begin to see what I'm talking about. As some of you guessed, I've been busy with an ongoing sewing project - a quilt to be specific. This is one of four sections I have been slowly working away over many months. I have cut and meticulously sewn 2100 small pieces of fabric together to construct a total of 700 little fabric blocks for my Flying Geese Quilt. 

496 of these blocks, as well as some end blocks, have now been carefully arranged and sew together, along their short sides, into 32 rows. I made four sections of eight rows each - just like the one above so they could easily be stored on a coat hanger.

You can follow the story of this quilt from it's beginning in May 2011 if you click on "Flying Geese Quilt" in the label cloud on the right.

Yesterday I sewed the four sections together in order to complete the centre panel of the quilt. This morning I finished cutting all the thread tails and removing the loose fabric threads (another pile of colourful threads).

Then I pressed the panel, stood back and admired the result....sigh...

Now if you have read carefully or if you are a quilter, you'll be wondering about the other 200 flying geese blocks - right? Right! Well, they are for the border of the quilt. They have also been precisely sewn together, along their long edges, into four rows, now trimmed and pressed, awaiting the final construction.

It feels fantastic to have finally completed these sections. Now I need to cut and add the large setting triangles and sew all these components together to finish the quilt top, then the back needs to be pieced,  all layers basted together and work out how I'm actually going to quilt this large quilt on my little old Janome.....

The time and space required to do all this will be a challenge as our school/homeschool summer holidays are nearly over and I sew on our dining/schooling table - but where there's a will there's bound to be a way. Hopefully it won't be another four months until I can give you the next update.

NB This quilt design is called "North By North East" as found in the book "Quilting From Little Things" by Sarah Fielke. Sarah is a wonderful Australian quilt designer, quilt maker, hand quilter and author. You can see some of her book in my original post about this quilt here.
Sarah's website.

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