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Bad news and perspective

Had some pretty crappy news at work today - can't say exactly what, but it impacts us in a way that we really question why we run our own small business.  I was having a rare (and not always welcome) visit to the hairdressers, and was about to have the only bit of the ordeal I like - a treatment and scalp massage - when my phone beeps a message with the bad news.  Nothing I could do but lay back and pretend to be relaxed and enjoying the pampering when my insides were churning and I was hyperventilating!

Took me a few hours, some lamenting and fuming, some heated discussions,  tears - to then see a newspaper of the terrible floods in QLD - again.

Those poor, poor people.  Seeing one couple's story slapped me about with a get -over-the-self-pity crap and made me want to reach out for these fellow small business people.  For the THIRD time their little shop had been flooded.  There they were in mud and water up over their shelves and counter and still with a feint smile on their face and a determined stiff upper lip.  They lost stock, had to clean up the mess, and try and start again.  I know they will lose lots of money, not just for now, but it will take them months and years to catch up.  They were not rich people, just ordinary battlers trying to run their business.

I so admired them.  I so felt for them.  Sure put my news and day into perspective.

Today, I vowed that the next years budget we set aside for donations and charities (usually to PMH or children's sport or make a wish) was going to the flood victims.  

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