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Happy Birthday May Gibbs!

136 years ago, January 17th 1877,  Cecilia May Gibbs was born in Kent, England. Four years later she sailed to Australia with her family. Going by the name May Gibbs, she is one of Australia's best known and well loved children's authors, illustrators and cartoonists.

Her creative tales have stirred imaginations and delighted readers over several generations. She lived into her 90's and her works, still in print, now benefit several children's organisations.

I remember reading "The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie", my first "big book", under our pine Christmas tree as a young child. Her illustrations still stir my heart and have encouraged my love of our Australian fauna and flora throughout my life.

My book, printed in 1971, first published in 1946, contains only four coloured pages. The remainder of the book is printed with brown words and illustrations.

You will find many uniquely Australian flowers and fauna sprinkled through her work as the main  characters.

May Gibbs has left a rich legacy. Today Google's Australian home page honours her birthday also. Happy Birthday May Gibbs!

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