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Looking for Shwogs?!?!

While some children have imaginary friends, Miss E (4) has an imaginary species of animal - SHWOGS! Now let me tell you a little about this elusive species. Shwogs live in the ocean and our salt water pool, they are usually about 50cm/18" long, although last November there was a report of one almost as big as a blue whale while baby shwogs are as small as jelly fish. All shwogs have small ears and sharp teeth. Mummy shwogs are light blue and dark blue, daddy shwogs are red and yellow while baby shwogs are colourful all over. They are mostly friendly, especially the mummy shwogs and baby shwogs, and have the ability to become invisible while people are looking for them. Is it any wonder no one but Miss E has ever seen one????

We have known about shwogs at least since we stumbled upon a Wobbegong just over 12 months ago. Don't laugh, there really is such an Australian animal as a Wobbegong, also known as carpet sharks. You can see my photos of the one we almost trod on here. Every now and then we here reports of sightings and adventures of shwogs, long may they last!

Let me share some photos of less elusive animals from the last week or so.......

A beautiful sea snail - I had never seen one of these before. In the top photo the sea snail is moving over a sea cucumber.

Here is another rather large sea cucumber, about 50cm/18" long - about the size of a shwog!

A very colourful star fish.

Some sort of sea animal in another rock pool.

This was the largest creature I found in a rock pool!

PLEASE hop out of there!! The tide is coming in!!!

Back on dry ground, my parents in law front yard. This is a Scaly Breasted Lorikeet, an Australian bird, feeding on a Little John Bottlebrush.

In their backyard a resident skink became stranded in our washing basket......

Once home, a resident Green Tree Frog wanted to spend the night atop of Master T's drink bottle!

He was eventually persuaded to move on, but not before I took this photo!

Quite  few creatures, thankfully most are not as shy as shwogs!

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