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Mary, Mary ... how does your garden grow?

Not sure why Mary was so contrary, but here is how my garden grows.  My little suburban, vege garden, mostly in pots as we have so little space.  We have a lot of self-sets this year - all from me putting worm castings in the soil.  I also grow limes, olives, pomegranates, bay, oranges, rhubarb - but they are not fruiting at the moment.

Seedless Sultana Grapes - HUGE crop this year.  The vine grows along the fence  on the railway line. (Of course all the best bunches are on the OTHER side of the fence!)

The Triffid like Grape vines - one variety is a cutting from the Evans and Tate Winery.

Self-set cherry tomatoes

I grow my strawberries in half hanging baskets on the fence

Strawberry flower - this is a runner from last year

Self-set Chili

More Chili - did I mention we love chili?

Baby basil - another self-set.

The Nagami Cumquat with her new leaves - she is feeling so much better


My very precious French Tarragon

Garlic Chives ready to burst into flower

Good ole Italian Parsley

Marjoram - flowering but still good

How my garden grows - on the vertical.  

The keeper of the garden - well he is actually the reason all my plants have to be higher than his hind leg!

Excitement in a box - fresh soil and rotten sheep poo all ready for some lettuce seedlings

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