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Potting Bench - Part 1

This was my Christmas present from my Dad!  Even at the age of 48, you can get excited about a present!  Isn't it the best thing ever?  It's so beautiful that I don't want to hide it away in the potting area, I want to have it on my front porch so everyone can be jealous of it!

He is very clever my Dad, and he takes a hint really well.  The fact I sent him a picture of a potting bench and said I would like something like this, had nothing to do with him thinking I would like one just like it!

I never expected it to look so pretty though, I was expecting a functional bench. I got both.

I must have been a very good girl last year <wink>

Thank you my darling Dad (and Mum as I know you had a lot to do with it being so pretty!)

My old potting bench!  Mr K will be pleased to get his saw horses back.

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