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While away we celebrated Miss V's 9th birthday. Small gifts from her siblings, bakery treats, swimming at the beach, bought pizzas, a sunset walk by the sea and a birthday cake made the day very special. Her main gift was one she had to wait for until after our holiday - a new bike!

Having very much outgrown her old one, she had been asking for months for a new bike. Our first morning home from holidays my husband and Master T took her shopping and returned with a big box....

As Miss V eagerly watched the bike was soon assembled and ready to ride.

She is one satisfied not-so-little-anymore girl!

Along with Miss V's birthday, a highlight of our holiday was a visit to some some special friends on New Year's Day. Just like us, they are a Christian homeschooling family with 8 children - 6 girls and 2 boys! We had a wonderfully full and refreshing day at their amazing big, very bright and very beautiful home. The day was especially thrilling for Miss E (4) whose New Year resolution was to visit this family - she was also delighted to hold a baby for the first time and to see a horse up close.

We were treated to the most delicious and beautiful cup cakes also. I didn't think to take photos before they were eaten....but you can see them here. "Mama Bear" has a great blog with many wonderful photos of her cupcakes and her gorgeous family. Their eldest daughter, Alice, is 15 and corresponds with our twins, also 15. Alice writes beautifully and seals her envelopes with a monogrammed wax seal - very exciting to receive! As well as being a wonderful person, Alice sews amazingly well. You can take a peak at her world and sewing at Alice's Place.

It was one of those days which keeps giving back as we ponder their refreshing attitude to life and view our own little world in a larger way, being more aware of the possibilities, two of which I have acted on already.....but that's another story.

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