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Well ... I pressed 'enrol'

A BIG thank-you to Jacana for her kind words and the last bit of encouragement she gave me.  It gave me a big boost and propelled me into giving this a red hot go!  I enrolled right after I read your comment.  Thank you xxx

I feel pretty daunted now, a whole host of things running through my (very foggy) mind.  Yesterday I pressed the enrol button on Unit 1 of a 24 unit Bachelor of Arts (my Son#1 said ... "oooh Mum an 'arts' student" - never thought of that, I always see writing as far more serious!  But then, when I think of art I think of this Art Review)  

Some rambling thoughts, to try and clear my mind, which is still full of whatever sinus infection/allergy/nasal thing I have:

  • The first unit is, surprisingly, called An Introduction to Writing.  
  • I start on the 25th February, which works out well as the week before, I should complete my current online course.
  • It's all very exciting, and thrilling and I have a million stories and themes running through my head already.  
  • It all feels very jumbled for the moment, but the excitement is there.  
  • Wish I felt this excited for other things in my life.  
  •  I have bought 3 brand new pads of Executive Lined Paper - it makes me feel very grown up.
  • I have filled the jelly bean jar on my desk.
  • The enrollment details say this unit should take 10 hours a week - I suspect it will be more.
  • Did I mention how excited I was?

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