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Changing Scenes

The flood waters have gone, leaving a smelly muddy, debris strewn mess along the river banks (but thankfully not within house yards)! This is the jetty we often visit and the children sometimes fish from.

This is how it looked September 2011 as the children fished one lunchtime.

The evening of the flood I took this photo, you can just see the sandbags in the corners.

48 hours later it looked like this.

A couple of days ago I returned to the same spot to check out the sand banks the children had told me of.

They had not exaggerated!

The same location a few weeks ago - it was their favourite in town fishing spot.

Looking back up the road I was pleased to see most of the grass had survived the flood very well. The residents' fence is another matter.....

We have had a few heavy showers of rain since which have washed much of the brown stinky silt off the trees and grass and freshened things up a bit.

Some of the remaining flood swept debris around one of the trees.

Looking in the other direction we see more sand.

This was the scene in the same spot a few weeks ago.

Despite the changes, there was still a wonderful sense of tranquility as the river calmly reflected the sunset sky in the quiet of the day.

The riverbank may not be pretty at the moment but in the right light, it is still rather becoming don't you think? As with most things in life, beauty is there, we just have to look for it.

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