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Ground Level

Our recent showers of rain have resulted in these little wonders popping up all over our lawn. There is  a large variety of shapes yet all are rather small. It's been quite pleasant to observe them, unlike the weather forecast for  next few days which includes words like heavy rain, damaging winds and flood watch. I'm certainly hoping and praying we won't be in for a repeat of last month's far-too-close floods (or worse). Other areas of our country are battling bush fires even today.

*Photographic note: My Raynox macro conversion lens was used for each of these. Photos #3 and #6 were taken with my DSLR+50mm+Raynox. All the others were taken with my fixed lens Lumix + Raynox.
 (I took some of these late yesterday and the rest this morning. I was enjoying photographing these fungi while some of our children were playing cricket with a tennis ball nearby. One stray shot hit the Raynox, snapping the lug which broke recently. That was the end of yesterday's macros! Superglue to the rescue again and I was able to use the Raynox again this morning.)

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