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Looking Beautiful

As soon as I laid the quilt top out to complete my quilt sandwich, I stood back in admiration. Yes, I DO love it! It was well worth unpicking the not-quite-white-enough white triangles, replacing them with a just-right-white! Now I love the whole quilt!

Saturday afternoon I sewed the back of the quilt together, cleared our lounge/sitting room floor and secured the quilt back, face side down. After spreading out the batting (middle layer) of thick cotton I them added the quilt top. I've been busy since hand basting with needle and thread to hold the three layers together, ready for quilting.

I love the mix of white, cherry and flying geese blocks, the bright cheery colours and the balance of shapes in the overall design of this "North by North East" quilt design by Sarah Fielke as found in her book Quilting From The Little Things. I made a couple of minor modifications, bringing the measurements of the quilt top to 88" or 225cm square.

I also love that it contains fabrics (and memories) from nearly every quilt and sewing project from the last three years, even the dress I made Miss V which she never wore......

Three quarters of the basting is completed, I hope to finish the rest today so we can use our floor again and I can begin the slow job of quilting. At this stage I plan to hand quilt the middle panel as it's too large to fit into my old faithful Janome sewing machine. I might machine quilt the corners, we'll see how things go. But for now I'm just enjoying seeing it in all it's glory - it looks even better than the photos show.

If you wish you can follow the rather slow ongoing story of this quilt here.

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