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Many Pieces

My flying geese quilt top is now complete, fully pieced but folded waited for time and space......

A little gardening, pulling weeds while the ground is still soft. The zinnias continue to flower in all weather.

We've been adjusting meals and food habits, especially for my husband, as we try yet again to make progress with his chronic eczema. Some improvements are apparent but it's a long, slow process.

Another birthday, Master J is now 18!

Arranging some long overdue house maintenance, so good to finally have it done. Now for some finishing paintwork.

Miss E is nearly 5 and counting down the days to her birthday. She loves writing and other homeschool work. We took her new book to show Grandfather this afternoon when we visited him in the aged care centre.

Life seems filled with so many pieces, quite a juggling act at times, especially as our homeschool year and sport have all resumed..... yet I will savour what little computer time I have all the more!

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