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Meeting Reuben

Meet Reuben, a handsome alpaca.

Reuben, Jasper and Levi live at L's place, just out of town. I rang L at work when we were ordered to evacuate last Tuesday- L is the sort of friend who is happy to have 8 of us turn up at her place when she isn't even home - what a treasure! She came home at lunchtime as everyone was leaving work to evacuate or were preparing to do so. L was more than happy to take us for a tour around their little farm.

L assured us the alpacas were friendly and would only sniff us while in their paddock. She was right.

 Reuben was very interested in my camera but I'll spare you the finer details as he sniffed the lens even more closely!

There are many types of wild birds at L's place, including Whistling Ducks.

Miss O and Miss E were brave enough to venture into the chicken coop with L. The chickens were very keen to leave the smelly mud for a forage in the green slushy grass.

After collecting the eggs, the people were also happy to leave the coop.

Hunstman spider, about 8cm or 3!/2" across while crouching like this

A Huntsman Spider in L's shed carefully guards her egg sack. L made a batch of raspberry and white chocolate muffins for afternoon tea before we headed home again, the flood peak having safely passed.

A little sunshine makes the river appear less threatening as we drove home. One of the children snapped these for me as we passed over the bridge.

Sailing club roof, the building is designed to be submerged during floods.

That evening Miss E declared it to be her "Best day ever" as she had a whole day at L's place. I love her perspective on things. A big thank you to L (and her husband) who are so gracious to us, even sending us home with a dozen fresh eggs from their farm. THANK YOU!

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