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Nearly Most Five!

"Mummy will you do something with me?" Miss E asked yesterday.
"How about some sewing?' I suggested.
"That'll be good. I'll make a quilt like you."
"Well let's start with some stitching."

I was very impressed with her first attempt at hand sewing on fabric.

Miss E is "nearly most five", she has been counting down the days for weeks. Today she added the finishing touches to the piƱata she has made with Miss N.

The basting is finished on my quilt and I have begun the hand quilting. I've chosen Bright White in Sulky 12wt mercerised cotton, the perfect weight for this job. This is the same weight Sulky cotton I used in my Nature Play quilt, only then I used two different variegated thread colours, the same ones Miss E used above.

Not wanting to highlight the actual zigzags, nor wanting to quilt over the coloured pieces, I have chosen to hand quilt a little star/cross on each white based print piece, reminiscent of tie quilting. This is producing a lightly quilted, smooth effect which I was looking for.

At last I have chosen a name for this quilt - "Sunlit Treasure" as to me it has the look of a treasure chest of jewels, tipped out and twinkling in the sunlight.

NB This quilt design is called "North By North East" as found in the book "Quilting From Little Things" by Sarah Fielke. Sarah is an Australian quilt designer, quilt maker, hand quilter and author. You can see some of her book in my original post about this quilt here.
Sarah's website.

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