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Of Water and Zinnias

Yesterday my thoughts were to share a photo of this Robyn Gordon Grevillea with you, a gorgeous Australian flower from my garden, instead of another zinnia photo. I was using my Lumix superzoom and took off the clip on Raynox macro conversion lens with adaptor ring, holding them in my hand beside the grevillea when I dropped them - onto the pavers beside the pool.

 The Raynox quickly sank to the bottom of the pool and the metal adaptor ring bounced onto the grass. I thought all would be ok. On retrieving the Raynox it looked unscathed. After washing and drying it carefully I later went to clip it onto my camera - but it wouldn't attach.

On closer inspection I discovered that one of the little plastic lug pieces near the springs had broken off and was missing. Back to the pool I was relieved to be able to find and scoop it off the pool bottom. But would I be able to glue it back on satisfactorily for it takes a lot of pressure from the springs?

Super glue was carefully applied and I'm delighted to be able to report that it is now back in use!

This is why the Raynox was on my camera - I had just been admiring the colours of this gorgeuos little zinnia flower with it - so you ended up with another zinnia photo after all!

Today we had a pleasure of our pool being used by our church for some baptisms (our pastor and his wife shown here). It was a delight to watch - unlike watching my Raynox going under the water. Water can bring new life and also destruction.

A Raynox beauty from today - and yes, it's another zinnia photo (this one with my DSLR + Raynox and edited differently)......just because I love it!

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