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Rainy Days

The Circus has been in town this week! One evening I took 7 of our children who were keen to go, we even had a few minutes of sunshine while we waiting before more showers came through.

Inside the Big Top before the show began

I was hoping to be able to share some photos of the circus but no photography of performances was allowed, due to copyright reasons. We all enjoyed our evening, although I think I would have enjoyed it more without so many animal acts.....however the children loved seeing the animals. The lions were Miss E's favourites! (I'd rather see the animals free to roam in the wild or a very large zoo)

Today is the wettest, windiest day of a wet week. Thankfully we've not had severe winds or prolonged heavy rains so far, although I hear thunder rumbling in the background as I type. At this stage there are no major flood concerns, just watchful eyes as the rain continues steadily over the catchment areas.

Too cold and windy for swimming today.

Definitely too wet to hang washing on our lines, instead it is hung on several drying racks under the house.

But not too wet to prevent beauty from being seen around us.

Update: After a rather wild afternoon with strong winds, thunder and hours of heavy rain bringing some flash flooding/ponding, the weather has mostly settled. All of our large catchment area also received considerable rain. We will have to wait and watch the river and flood warnings carefully over the next two days as the water makes its way towards us and lighter showers continue on.

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