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Safe and Sound

7:30 pm Tonight - you can just see the homeowners surveying their disappearing"front yard"

29th January

31st January

7:30 pm Tonight - the water rising on the right 

29th January
29th January

7:30 pm Tonight - local government have made attempts to strengthen this section of levee wall

7:45 pm Tonight - the river flows swiftly but is not the raging torrent of January 29th

A late walk reveals the sure and steady rise of our big river. Thankfully we've had no further rain today. The waters from yesterday's downpour and earlier rains have swollen the river, it is predicted to peak through the middle of the night about another metre higher than this - still well below our levee height.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We can rest easy again, although some other places are facing their own flood threats. We have much to be grateful for  - again.

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