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That's Better

The white stake marks the flood peak line. Quite a stark reminder of how close to disaster we came. These photos were taken on dusk yesterday, 48 hours after my last post's photos, two and a bit days after the peak. Our river has now receded to much lower levels, leaving in its wake mud, sand, debris and smelly vegetation, rotting in our summer heat.

 This gate-fence is well thought out. Once cleared of rubbish the owner will once again close the gates creating a fence. All of these were completely under water.

 You may remember this spot from my last post (photo below), although now you can see the parklike riverbank reappearing. The sandbags still lie on top of this section of the levee. What a difference 48 hours has made. The river still has a good way to go down yet too.

This is the "weak link" which was held together by the makeshift arrangements which I shared previously (below). I sincerely hope there are some serious repairs carried out at this spot - soon - especially as I hear thunder rumbling in the background right now. I prefer seeing the trees and grass through this gap rather than the high water of our previous visit.

Aahh yes, that's much better than below! Still dropping.....

Time to relax some and have a wonder around the garden again. Most of our plants have survived beautifully. The self-seeded zinnia above has been bowed over and its stem has been twisted but it's still blooming with all its might, singing despite the rain and dramas.

And my heart and camera also begin to sing once more.

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