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Update to Fawlty Hardly Normal

Monday, Mr K came home and asked me if I had made a complaint to HN head office?  Not yet. I haven't been able to actually get to talk to somebody to make a complaint.  I went to their website, looked up the 'contact us' page and was greeted with the usual gate-keeping process of no phone numbers and web-forms.

This frustrates the hell out of me, and I daresay other people too.  It stinks of arrogance, but that's a whole other rant.

I filled out the web-form, with just a request to speak to someone from customer service.  That was all.

I get this reply ...

Feeling very frustrated and as Homer would say "but I am mad now" I went to the HN Facebook page.  I cut and pasted their email reply to me, and just stated that it was rather frustrating.

I get this reply .. (and I can't show you a screen shot because they have removed it!! No bad language, nothing at all nasty, just a cut and paste of their email to me!)

Please advise case number for us to follow-up.

I reply that I would if I had actually got to speak to someone to have a case number.

I left it at that.  End of discussion.  So I thought.

So, back to Mr K coming home.  Turns out he had got a call from the Midland store, our 'dunno' manager who said he had been asked by head office to rectify the situation!

He offered us - a free upgrade to the next model that was in stock, free delivery to our rental home and arranging with the installers to do all this on Friday!

Wow.  I was impressed.  I did not expect any of this, I just wanted to voice my frustration at how their system had failed us.  This offer was beyond my expectations and I was very grateful.  

True to their word, the new unit was installed on Friday, my tenants are happy, I am happy and I hope the customer service dept. feels good.

Thank you Mr Harvey Norman.  

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