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Fresh Beginnings

A very tall variety of Sulphur Cosmos

Returning from an evening walk some months ago I collected a few seeds from nearby kerbside flowers and buried them in my garden. With joy have I watched them germinate and grow larger and taller until now they are almost as tall as me. This week the first buds have burst open, reaching high on thin stems towards the bright sunlight. A welcome joy and distraction amongst the emotions and busyness of this week....

Many of you will have read this week of Google Reader's upcoming retirement. I'm exploring  Bloglovin' an alternative way of keeping up (as time permits) with all your wonderful new blog posts. I shall continue blogging on blogger as usual but I will be able to find your latest blog posts using Bloglovin'. It's so easy to import all the blogs you follow into Bloglovin'. It's quite fun exploring something fresh and new!


UPDATE: My friend, Erin (see her comment below) has suggested Feedly as a  possibly better blog reader solution. As with Bloglovin', Feedly also offers a seamless transition form Google Reader. I will be interested to see which suits best. Let me know which you like best or if you have found another option.

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