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Most Aussies are comfortable wearing casual clothes nearly all the time, especially in the country areas.
But my husband rightly pointed out that our children's best clothes, Tshirts and shorts with runners/sneakers for footwear, are simply too casual for their Grandfather's upcoming funeral. Several shopping expeditions have been required to source multiple skirts, shirts/blouses, trousers and shoes for our eight children. There is also a hint of excitement after their initial hesitation.

Miss E (5) was delighted to find some sparkly, silver flats today for her footwear, just what she was looking for - so thrilled in fact that she wore them all afternoon until one of the elastic bands broke! I've had the sewing machine out to repair them. There'll be the boys' trousers to shorten tomorrow too......

I also want to express a big THANK YOU to everyone for your kind and understanding words, thoughts and prayers, they mean a lot to us, especially at this time. Things are coming together very well (at last) towards Thursday's funeral and all the family is coping better than expected. And I must say, the children look very smart and more mature in their new clothes!

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