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Around Town

Umbrella in one hand, camera in the other, Master T and I went in search better views of the noisy powerboat races last Saturday. As we trudged on through the rain I was struck by the unexpected glimpses of lush beauty.

The three photos above show snippets of the Catholic church and surrounding buildings, more beautiful than I had realised. Walking (with a camera) tends to reveal sights to me in a new light, despite the rain and other agendas.

I led the way down to our powerboat vantage point vantage but lingered behind Master T, letting my camera set the pace of my return walk. 

Maybe I should take the time to capture more of our older buildings around town, the ones which we hurry past regularly, rarely stopping to appreciate their timeless appeal.

Since the rain has cleared we have had some wonderful autumn sunsets and sunrises. I never tire of seeing such splendour in our skies....

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