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Beautiful Coastline

We had a wonderful family day out today exploring a beautiful section of coastline which lies less than an hour's drive from home - the perfect way to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. We've lived in our town for 16 years and have never visited this particular coastal area. I'm not the only one who wishes to return again - soon!

1, 2 & 3. Kite surfing.
4 & 5. My Sunlit Treasure quilt which has been two years in the making, completed last Sunday.
6. Picnic lunch.
7. Where the lake meets the ocean. 
8. Stunning red soil.
9. Looking further south.
10. Adventure Girl having a wonderful time.
11. Master J flying his RC plane (top of photo) and our other children - Miss N with a camera.
12. Miss N turned her camera on me as I was busy taking photos of Adventure Girl.
13. A sunny gazania thriving on the rocky cliff edge.
14. Off exploring again.

* Master J "discovered" this area while on a Duke of Ed. camp with his school last year. You can see some of his photos from the camp here - they include some stunning beach sunrise scenes.

Although it is mid-autumn here, the temperatures are wonderful. Yesterday was about 23C/73F, tomorrow is forecast to be 29C/84F.

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