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A brand new annual art market was held in our town yesterday. I loved having a stroll around the stalls and also to see the inside this local building for the first time. 

Master J has completed the prerequisite 120 hours of learner/accompanied driving and passed his driving test with flying colours. There will be many occasions when it will be very convenient for him to be able to drive by himself.

You may remember this project which I shared earlier. After much deliberation and several changes, a finish is in sight, even though it is somewhat smaller than first anticipated. The creative process can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. I feel like I have very little to show for so much thought and effort - but I do like the result and that matters most.

It seems as if ever day something is being baked in our kitchen by one or other of our children. Between this and our regular meals, I suspect our rather compact kitchen may well be the busiest and most productive domestic kitchen per square foot in our whole town. Tonight's offering is another new one - Chocolate Blueberry Pies. The chocolate pastry by Miss E and Miss E tasted amazing even before baking. 

Autumn here is like a second spring. The heat of summer has given way to gorgeous warm days, perfect for tidying the garden and planting seedlings and seeds for winter colour and eating. I haven't the heart to remove the cosmos yet. I plan to collect seed for next summer first and to enjoy their gently bobbing flower heads for a little while longer, a total delight to the eyes.

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