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"What Swords?"

Taken by Miss E (5)

Taken by Miss E, mirrored cabinet

Taken by Miss E

"I liked the swords" said Miss E after our homeschool visit to the local Historical Society. "What swords?" I thought to myself trying to remember hard. A look through Mss E's photos revealed a whole  level of details I had overlooked.


We all enjoyed discovering the district's long cricket history.

Three of our children had just played in senior grade grand finals a few days prior to last week's visit. They were stunned to see this display  - Attendance 4,000 while their recent games had fewer than 50 spectators.

Housed in an old original home, the displays were very interesting, there was something for everyone to enjoy, even a library room off the formal dining room.

Taken by Miss E

I'm tempted to wander through the building again at Miss E's eye level, soaking in details I missed.

The "Swallow" a train ferry, the last in Australia, which served our deep river-split town until the bridge was finally opened in 1932.

The construction of our bridge was a major milestone, even though today it is also a major traffic bottleneck with our only connecting road built atop the railway bridge with corners to divert the road onto and then off the line of the railway. A second bridge is due to be built in the next few years.

Schaeffer House is a very fitting location for our local Historical Society. It was built around 1900 and has a National Trust classification. It was the home of Mr Schaeffer who became our first City Architect. Mrs Schaeffer was a keen gardener. It's good to see this home in good hands today, well kept and open for all to enjoy.

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