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Visions of Perfection

Sometimes in life we dream big, even expect more of ourselves and others than perhaps we should.

We do our best to bring the pieces together and make them fit our vision of perfection.

We are each unique designs created for different purposes, to fly in various ways.

Sometimes we just need to let go and glide, test the currents a little, trusting our wings....

and glide free.

Master J has spent countless hours designing and building his unique plane for a school subject. He is passionate about design and flight. Late this afternoon he gave it a first test glide, without the motor switched on. So far things are ok, but not perfect.

A little like (my) life, nothing is perfect, questions remain unanswered, our (my) own expectations ever high. Frustration and discouragement lurk, yet God's promises are still true

and we find that another imperfect day is indeed lined with uncommon beauty.

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