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Welcome To The Jungle


Native Bee on Cosmos

It's been a long wet summer. Our yard is still very damp under foot, too wet to mow again. The weeds have thrived. Our whipper snipper/edge trimmer is still in the repair shop waiting for parts. Our yard resembles a jungle.....

Chrysanthemum, marigolds, daisies


A White Faced Heron finds s snack

One of today's Passionfruit flowers


There is beauty amongst our jungle, sometimes unexpected treats. With two weeks of school holidays (also our homeschool break) coming up in a few days I'm contemplating some jungle taming, however my fabric stash draws my heart more strongly.....

Science activity....

Today's second Science chapter was Valuable Minerals. The activity suggested was "mining" for gold (choc chips) in chocolate chips biscuits/cookies with a toothpick! I made a double batch of choc chip biscuits/cookies at lunch time. I've never seen our children so keen on their science. One of the purposes was to understand what a mess mining can make and how mining companies need to consider and lessen their environmental impact. 

Some of our children made quite a mess but were keen to clean up/eat the offending pieces afterwards. I wonder if I could hide some biscuits/cookies in the garden for helpers to find or cook another batch in payment for some jungle taming.....

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