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Dropping By....

To say hello like this friendly kookaburra who has been hanging around our back fence the last few days. He looks like a relatively young kookaburra with clean fluffy feathers. Kookaburras are the largest kingfisher in the world and are native to the east coast of Australia. They make a loud, very distinctive laughing noise.

I received a most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday and feel totally spoilt. An unexpected gift which both warms the heart and feeds the creative soul.

Lots of fresh and fun ideas to try with even the tiniest of favourite scraps. Sunday Morning Quilts includes some new (to me) ideas and techniques to try too, I love it.

The beautiful bird fabric I shared earlier now graces our wall as a mini quilt (22"x25"). Rather different to my original grander visions but these little panels didn't want to mix with the others I also made. So I've ended up leaving them simply and happily perched together, finished with a little hand quilting.

I was delighted to find a straight stick around our yard to use as a hanger until  some dowel is bought.

Here are the orphaned blocks which just didn't seem to mix well with those used in the mini quilt. Each one is quite pleasant by itself but I'm not sure what to do with them now, so I guess I'll put them back in the cupboard until inspiration strikes sometime. Any suggestions?

In the meantime I have some other sewing plans to try....and a beautiful new book to enjoy! 

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