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Giving and Receiving

A flowering cyclamen, mini watering can, chocolates and a personalised door sign made by the children, all to help my mother-in-love's room in the aged care centre feel even more like home. 

Our weeks always seem busy but we are settling in to a nice routine of bringing Granny (mil) to church with us each week and then to our place afterwards for lunch, all at her suggestion. This gives us a good chance to catch up and enjoy some time together.

Little Miss E chose to wear this shirt today in honour of Mother's Day, although she makes it very clear every day that she loves me, never forgetting to tell me.

Miss O (11) and Miss G (15) created this masterpiece in secret. I LOVE it.

My children know me well! They also mowed and whipper snipped the lawn for me yesterday along with a little work in the garden.

A happy Mother's Day to all those who mother and nurture, for each person is precious.

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