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Going Bush for Duke of Ed.

Carrying heavy backpacks, they walked for hours along the creek bed, following a trail set by their teachers. Up and over steep hills then through another creek before setting up camp for the night by a river. Master J and his pack, including my pocket camera, took an unexpected dunking as they crossed that last creek Friday afternoon.

Master J set up a fire to dry his clothes and shoes, heat his dinner and warm himself. His shoes became warmest of all, melting a little around the edges....

Saturday morning brought beautiful foggy creek views. Thankfully the camera was still working, even though damp inside and flashing Low Battery.

The fog cleared revealing another stunning day for trekking through the bush, about an hour's drive west of our town. He was very pleased to arrive home safely (there was mention of a dangerous slip/near miss) and grateful for a warm shower and fresh food.

I'm grateful he chooses to take a camera to share his experiences (although the camera isn't too happy at the moment). I have edited these a little but none are cropped - he has a good eye for composition. The camera and shoes can be replaced, Master J is safely home!

Due to popular request, I have just fished Master J's shoes out of the bin to show you. He said they felt a bit rough around the ankles yesterday....but thankfully he could still wear them! 
At least they were his old ones, usually reserved for mowing the lawn.

His previous two Duke of Ed. camps can be seen here and here.

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