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Musical Stairs

A little chain piecing is being done as I make a start on a new quilt, this time for our 15 year old twins' bed.

One of our twins looked through my quilt books in search of something she liked. This was one she chose which both her twin and I also liked, plus I knew it would be fun and easy to make. It's called The Bass Line from Sarah Fielke's new book Hand Quilted With Love - I think I'll call mine Musical Stairs.

In her book Sarah explains a little of the history of this beautiful quilt -
This quilt is very special, and although I designed it, I didn't actually make it. 
Each block was made for my friend Amy by quilters and bloggers from all over the world.

You can read more about Amy and this quilt in Sarah's book (and also Bloom's comment below - thank you Bloom).

10" lengths at the back, smaller strips at the front - all 2" wide

After reading Sarah's instructions I decided to make the quilt a little differently, using her photos as inspiration. I'm in the process of cutting many 2" strips from my fabric stash as well as white. From each strip I have cut four 10" lengths. The 10" lengths are being paired together, one white to each print, chain pieced both along both the top and bottom with right sides together (first photo).

Each 10" pair is then randomly "opened" and positioned for cutting to make two finished "stairs" of varying height.

Each end fold is trimmed off.

This results in two "stairs" for each chain pieces pair without any wastage. This works very well except for fabric which has a directional print. The directional prints as well as smaller pieces of fabric from my scraps are individually sewn to a long white strip and trimmed to result in a finished length of around 9". I'm sewing seams which are slightly wider than 1/4" for greater durability.

Each stair is then ironed with seam allowances to the print side. I'm hoping the twins will become involved in the sewing, or at least in arranging the stairs ready for sewing into blocks when the time comes.

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