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Needle and Thread

Adding a little detail to the hemline of a passed on skirt (for me), teaching some new embroidery stitches to Miss V and Miss O for our new quilt, shortening some new jeans for my husband, the seams of which wouldn't fit under my machine's foot. The last few days have seen me reaching for needle and thread quite often. Late last night I mended three small holes on a jumper/sweater my husband has been wearing during the recent cooler days.

As I plied my needle and yarn amongst this thick hand knit I was struck by the simple yet profound connection of generations through needle and thread. This woollen jumper was lovingly hand knitted by my husband's grandmother for her eldest son - my father-in-love who recently passed on. Now her grandson, my husband, wears it and I mend it. Her love and craftsmanship lives on well beyond her years.

The simple skills of using needle and thread to adorn, teach, adjust and mend are a blessing. Then there is also the wonderful ability to be able to create functional and beautiful items with these skills as they are developed. Needle and thread - so many possibilities.

Amongst my handful of childhood keepsakes are these little pieces, each one smaller than a placemat, made by me as a young child. My mother taught me how to use needle and thread while I was very young and I am grateful. I come from a long line of sewers/crafters and have always enjoyed quietly making a variety things with my hands, much more than reading books or socialising.....

I am also grateful she has kept a record for me which I treasure.

Needle and thread - useful, powerful, beautiful.

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