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Projects and a New EPP

Every now and then Miss O (11) adds a little more detail to her current wonky star block, it is a delight to watch.

She has completed her first block, Home Sweet Home, and has a few more ideas to try.

 Miss V (9) has completed her second block (above) which shows more thought and skill than her first (below) yet she has decided she is more comfortable playing outside than creating with needle and thread.

Late last week I make good progress sewing more pieces for my Musical Stairs quilt. I have nearly used up all my white fabric but more should arrive in the mail soon.

For many weeks I have been wanting to start a new English Paper Pieced (EPP) project which is great for those times when setting up the sewing machine is inconvenient or not possible (I sew on our dining/homeschooling table). Winter weather seems just right for a little hand sewing and I love to have a portable project on the go.

Last night I experimented with a new design, a mix of two which I have seen recently, firming up my ideas and deciding on a size which seems to suit the block and be easy to work with. 

 I'm really pleased with this selection from my stash for my EPP, I just love them together. Contemplating a beautiful mix of geometry and fabric.

I set about cutting some paper shapes this afternoon, ready for tacking/basting the fabric onto. At this stage I'm not sure if I will make just a single block for a pillow or if I'll keep going to make something larger - time will tell..... 

Whatever you are working on this week, I trust you are enjoying the process.

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