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Through my kitchen window

Miss E's handiwork appears everywhere.....

Miss E and Miss E enjoying a movie together on a laptop

Miss E made a birthday card for the Queen on Monday as we celebrated the Queen's birthday with a long weekend in Australia. It shows her crown.  After a little explanation on where the Queen lives (England) and the difficulties of sending it to the Queen, so she was happy to give it to me.

Our neighbour's orange tree is providing us with a fresh bounty - again.

A walk over the bridge and back revealed where the flock of noisy native corellas has been roosting, chasing away the resident pigeons. 

A track maintenance team on the go after the train had passed through.

Pondering another project.....

Miss E has been patiently counting down the days for months until she can go to the movies and watch Despicable Me 2. Every day she tells us how many more days to go. It's due for release in Australia this coming Thursday but our local cinema is having an early screening today! We didn't tell her until an hour before it was time to go.

She was so excited....

She is still there now with Miss O, Miss E, Miss V and her Daddy! Miss N and Miss G stayed home to make celebration cake for afternoon tea - the boys are off watching a local Australian Rules football game....

Hope you enjoyed the peak at our week! Never a dull moment....

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