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Remnants of Miss O's baking and making Monte Carlos

Further progress on my new Musical Stairs quilt

Gentle winter days filled with making and baking, learning and growing. Miss E loves any excuse for encouraging older siblings to "help" her make cake. There aren't enough birthdays in our family for her so she insists that Mr Darcy, from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is due for (yet another) birthday. Such is life in a house where the elder Miss E has educated all her siblings on the literary classics......

Miss E's birthday card for the Queen is now well on its way to Buckingham Palace, England, thanks to Bloom's comment    :)

A wander around the garden this afternoon revealed the first pure white camellia for the season, hidden on the cooler shady side of the house. Our African Daisies are still blooming and the weeds still growing, all be it at a slower pace.

Miss O came shopping this morning in search of cake pops sticks. We found a nice little set so she has been busy baking (from scratch) and making all afternoon. If there are any left I may share one later..... She has done an amazing job for a first attempt. Looks like she may have another blog post shortly.

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