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A Delicious Week

A truly delicious week! The food treats were so good I had to have some of each one......

1 & 2  Calendula flower speckled with a little morning dew
3  Sponge cake by Master T (13)
4  Coffee cupcakes and coffee frosting by Miss O (11)
5  Profiteroles and homemade chocolate sauce by Miss O (recipe on her blog)
6  Baked cheesecake and homemade caramel sauce by Miss G (15) who also made wonderful lemon meringue pies with our homegrown lemons
7  Even the undersides of my hand sewn quilt blocks look beautiful to me
8  Yesterday was rainy, the perfect time to teach the children to play chess
9  Holiday house boat on the river
10  Another glorious sunset as seen from the bridge
11  is number one again because I love it so.....(cropped as suggested by S.C.)

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