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Making Fabric Music

After adding a few more fabrics to the mix for my Musical Stairs (Sarah Fielke's Bass Line design) quilt, it was time to start sewing the strips together. Yesterday I laid out the first selection and sewed them together.

Now I had something to show the twins, for this will be their quilt and was their choice of design. They were happy to start laying out strips ready for me to sew, which made me very happy. One has a very random approach, the other takes a little more time to choose her layout.

A little gentle encouragement turned "I can't sew" into a completed block from one twin, which made me more than very happy! I think the other twin (a more confident sewer) will follow suit next time we work together on this quilt, hopefully tomorrow.

Today I finished the first star on my new English Paper Piecing project. I love these fabrics together. The overall plan is still coming together. There is no hurry, just a plan to enjoy the process and to piece together some of my favourite fabrics so I can see them and enjoy them.

I have a question for any EPP experts. I have been sewing the pieces together using quilting thread due to its extra strength, but it seems to make the stitching a little more distinct too. Which thread do you use for EPP?

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