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Super Heroes, Sport and Sewing

We had a flying visit from a Super Hero today, one never knows who you will meet in our humble home, but you have to have your camera handy for these moments never last long......

Many thanks to all those who offered suggestions regarding last week's English Paper Piecing (EPP) sewing question. A finer needle, a change of thread to Guttermann polyester as well as closer stitches has yielded a much better result - so much so that I made a replacement block with the same fabrics before moving on to more stars. I have also discovered the joy of glue basting - much quicker, neater and easier.

A little progress to report on the Musical Stairs quilt, with my girls' assistance    :)

Now for those who know our family, you will be aware of the importance placed on cricket by all our children. Tonight is the beginning of the 2013 Ashes cricket series between Australia and England so it didn't surprise me when I discovered a cake was being planned to celebrate this much anticipated event!  A pitch was made from a tiny individually baked cake with toothpicks for the stumps and a red 100's & 1000's sweet served as a cricket ball. I have just heard cheers from in front of the TV - we are bowling and have just taken our first wicket - I'm guessing the cake has now been half eaten!

Thanks for stopping by - keep an eye out for super heroes, you never know where they may be lurking....

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