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"When Will The Queen Write Back?"

....so Miss E's asked me yesterday, hoping for a reply from Her Majesty. There was great excitement when the this mail was delivered today. She listened intently as Miss N read the letter to her. Quite a thrill for all of us to enjoy too.

Today Miss O (11) made a double batch of Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - another new recipe, likely to become a family favourite. (We added an extra egg to the double mix as we found it a little dry to roll). 

Several times I have asked Miss O if she could bake something which was healthier, yet my requests fall on deaf ears and a screwed up nose. It delighted me when Miss V (9) found this great recipe for Muesli Bars. She managed to make them with minimal assistance. They require no baking but do take several hours to set properly, best in the fridge - and are very tasty! 

Working on my EPP stars I have been enjoying choosing fabric tones which suit my mood at the time, whether that be vibrantly happy, calm and gentle, or just a soothing background combination. 

A few minutes hand stitching here and there is beginning to make a pleasant little treasure trove of blocks and certainly adds some pleasant colour to wherever I find myself.

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