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2013 Sports Day

Miss V's sprint race

Monday was our annual Home Educator's Sports Day, an event which is always a time of great excitement for the children. We meet new families each year, some traveling well over an hour to join us for the day. This year there were over 60 children competing on this late winter's day which started out cool but warmed up to 29C (85F) by mid afternoon, the warmest day since last autumn.

Miss E running the relay

Our twins during their long distance event. 

Finish line - photo by Deanne (thank you!)

After 1200m once again it was a sprint to the finish line, way ahead of the other girls. This year Miss N dived right at the line. I missed it as they finished quicker than I had anticipated. Deanne snapped this shot and I love the focussed attention of the spectators - they know the close nature of this finish each year. The fellow in the blue cap made the final call as to who won - Miss N... this time! Miss just G won their 100m.

Miss E  - javelin throw using a relay baton

Long jump on the grass (as it was in the shade)

Field events for the 2-5 year olds were modified to meet their needs better.

Master T's turn at discus throwing

Miss N

Miss E playing at "real" long jump in the sand

Miss O at shot put

Master T had the best javelin throw of the day

After a picnic lunch, the novelty events, tug-o-war and team chants bring a fun finish to the day. Each child is awarded a certificate with a sticker for every event they participated in, noting any first, second or third placements - a great record of the day's events.

Miss E senior had the job of attaching all the stickers during the day

A big thank you to Bec and Erin who once again did a magnificent job of organising this homeschool highlight event of the year.

Six medallions are awarded each year, Miss G only just outscored Miss N to win the senior girl's medallion this year. The far greater emphasis is on participation and having fun which make the day a success in everyone's eyes. 

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