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Afternoon Out

A Saturday afternoon with no sport commitments is a rare occurrence in our family. Our late winter weather has been particularly glorious this year with today no exception at 25C / 77F. We decided to grab this opportunity and take a family trip to a nearby coastal village. We have visited this village before (also in winter) - in 2011 and just a few weeks ago as it is where my brother chooses to holiday with his family. 

Today we checked out our previous favourite spots as well as a new-to-us walking track. It was an added bonus to find many naive plants in flower as spring is almost upon us. I've only featured one of these plants (in three photos) which I've not seen before. Can anyone identify it for me?

It was a wonderful afternoon, beautiful weather for exploring without having to contend with the heat of summer. Perhaps we can squeeze in another trip shortly, maybe as a "compulsory school excursion".....     ;)

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