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Construction Update

A little inspiration can go a long way. It was a delight to watch our homeschooled children set about their history projects last week. Each one completed a quality written piece as well as a model/drawing.

Miss N's constructed a Leaning Tower of Pisa (Master T working on his model in the background).

I loved Miss V's coffin inside her opening pyramid.

Miss G wrote a more detailed project to accompany her sketch of the Tower of London.

The front balcony of Buckingham Palace by Master T

I wasn't surprised that Miss O baked a cake for her model. She took the opportunity to try a new recipe, one for white cake which used no egg yolks.

My "tower" grew in height by only one storey during the week.

Another star was also completed.....

...as well as a pile of "bricks" for further construction. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is my hand sewn quilt. A quick trip to a local fabric shop allowed me to buy a little more of the fabric which was the starting point for last week's project work - it holds greater meaning for me now!

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