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Is Winter Over?

So is this winter's end? I hear the suburban drone of lawn mowers for we haven't had a frost this winter (yet?) and all is green and growing. A head of broccoli coated in morning dew will soon be harvested. The sugar snap peas continually disappear before filled out (I'm at fault here too).

The bird experts in the house tell me this back fence visitor was either a Goshawk or a Sparrow-hawk and assure me it was only resting the second leg. I've not seen it since but enjoyed its short visit.

When I see scattered clouds late in the western sky I try to grab my trusty Lumix and head off for a brisk walk to the bridge. I love moving through the cool evening air and catching a good sunset, zooming in on the vibrant colours.

Another hockey win for Miss O's team early this morning. Miss G snapped this while I was on canteen duty. The twins are out playing their third game of hockey for the week as I write this. Master T also plays hockey.

Last year's potted winter bulbs have regrown, something they don't always do in our warm climate. This week I spied the first buds, including the tiny little grape hyacinths - maybe this delightfully mild winter really is coming to an end.

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