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My Black Prince

There has been a new love in my life for about two weeks now, my radiant  Black Prince, an Echeveria succulent. I'm not generally a fan of succulents but this one captured my heart and now lives at our place. 

Over time it may produce more little rosettes which can be removed and potted to produce new plants. To help speed up the multiplying of this beauty I gently removed the lower leaves and after letting them sit and heal a few days, planted them in another pot.

My Black Prince lives on our sunny back deck along with two smaller succulents  belonging to Miss V and Miss O. Very early in the morning I sometimes spot our resident magpie cleaning up crumbs from our outside table (snapped through the glass door). As long as he doesn't swoop on us, we can remain friends, but it would be nice if he didn't insist on perching in the tree above our family bus and leaving his "calling cards"....

He is a rather handsome fellow and each week I'm becoming more appreciative of his capacity for beautiful song.

I love how Black Prince's colours seem to change according to the light. "A rare and unusual Echeveria with pointed dusty chocolate leaves". Yes, he stole my heart!

Do you have a favourite succulent?

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